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The story of LGBTOUR Amsterdam

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I am Sanne, your queer city guide and professional storyteller. As a queer local & local queer, I can show you the hidden gems, pink spots, and stories that you won't find in 'the books'. Through my coming out experiences I started sharing my personal stories, in schools, theaters, and workplaces, which was a tremendous success. Not only personally but also award-winning. Being able to meet queers and allies from all over the world, still gives me a natural high. Since I started in 2017 I have met thousands of you LGBTQI+ people from all over the world, and I just can't wait to meet more of you amazing gays, queers, and allies. 

How it all started? Cliché but true: I moved to Amsterdam and fell in love with a girl for the very first time. And, underneath the rainbow flag... we kissed. And I never looked back.

I'd love to tell you more about it - and other stories. 

You are most welcome: the rainbow is for everyone.



Explore Amsterdam

The LGBTOUR Experiences

The OG.
Queer City Tour

Discover the pink & historic heart of Amsterdam.

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The lean-and-green.
Queer Bike Tour

Discover Amsterdam’s stunning countryside with your local queer & fabulous expert.

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Pink programs and events.
Queer Story Sunday

An afternoon filled with Queer Stories and Performances.

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The nocturnal.
Queer Night Tour

Discover Amsterdam's queer and fabulous nightlife with a local queer. 

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The all-inclusive.
LGBTeam Building

Take your team on a queer team quest and discover the the pink and historic heart of Amsterdam.

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Here you find our guests' experiences, right from the heart:


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