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The all-inclusive.

LGBTeam Building

LGBTOUR_Amsterdam is an organization well known for its unique and outdoor D&I experiences. Our most booked and best-rated experience is its LGBTOUR: (not just) a queer walk through the pink and historic heart of Amsterdam.


LGBTEAM OUTING is suitable for any team, business, and organization. From sports teams to school teachers, to the management and consultants team. LGBTEAM OUTING is a teamwork experience right through the pink and historic heart of Amsterdam. Together you will discover a great diversity of unseen stories and new perspectives about this one-of-a-kind city. In a 2 hour walk, you will be guided by a local D&I expert and professional storyteller.


To make your D&I trajectory sustainable and to ensure an inclusive work environment and a widely supported diversity policy, LGBTEAM OUTING is the start and addition to your D&I trajectory towards a more inclusive workspace, sports club, or teaching team.


During an LGBTOUR’s Team Outing, we will discuss a spectrum of queer topics from queer history, pride & politics to coming out/coming in via the safe and effective method of personal storytelling. Working in small groups, sharing personal thoughts, and experiencing different perspectives in a space outside the workspace, adds to better cooperation within your company and also in contact with your clients. This is because of the method’s effect on awareness by sharing our similar and our different experiences in life.

This team-building experience is an excellent opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and work on team building in a casual and fun way. 

THE TEAM OUTING is a social team experience that contributes to the mutual understanding within your team. It is a perfect way to get acquainted with D&I topics in an accessible and safe way, outside of the workplace. 

LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM is a social impact event and therefore also used by governmental organizations such as the municipality of Amsterdam.

Book directly

Want to book LGBTEAM OUTING for your own team outing? 

Your team is most welcome: the rainbow is for everyone!


Starting point

At the Westermarkt behind the Anne Frank House, right between the Pink Point-kiosk and the Westertower, you find a huge pink triangle a meter high called the Homomonument. This is where you will find me, holding a tiny rainbow flag.


about 2 hours



Small group bookings: 290€ for up to 10 people

Big group bookings: 390€ for up to 15 people


Minimum age: 18

You are most welcome - the rainbow is for everyone!🏳️‍🌈🦄

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