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Q4Q Foundation

Short on money but queer AF?

Want to join an LGBTOUR experience, but you don't have the resources for a ticket?  Please send an email to

It is LGBTOUR’s mission is to be able to welcome everyone to join one of Amsterdam’s queer experiences. The active pursuit of this mission is only possible with your help. That’s why we have created a possibility for the community to chip in for LGBTQI+ persons who are less financially fortunate but more in need of some love and queer joy & happiness with queers & allies > just like balm to the soul. By creating the Q4Q (queers for queers) Foundation and donation button you can support your own community members or use your superpower as a true ally. Sharing is indeed caring <3. This queer is here for you!

Queers for queers

*And of course ALL allies are MOST WELCOME to donate.
** ALL LGBTOUR tips go directly to the Q4Q Foundation to make this a better world filled with queer joy and happiness.

Drop your queer dollars and donate!


Testimonial Sara QUEERS4QUEERS donator:

“Going on the LGBTOUR was an eye-opening experience, not only allowing me to explore the buried queer history of Amsterdam but showing me how tours can be done differently -- Sanne's method of mixing the intimate and the historical and drawing her group into an immersive experience is unique. So, it feels especially important to support the project in these Covid times when we have all shut away inside and isolated from each other and the places we live in.

By sponsoring a monthly ticket, I hope that a queer person, ally, or would-be ally can enjoy the tour too.”


Testimonial Daniele Salerno QUEERS4QUEERS donator:

“I am an Italian scholar in memory studies, but I joined the LGBTOUR by chance and with a “tourist hat”. I wanted to know more about Amsterdam, its monuments, streets and its queer history. Sanne’s approach and the two hours with her and a group of LGBTQ people from different countries of the world not only changed  my perspective on Amsterdam but has also opened a new path in my research on LGBTQ memory and activism. It was a terrific morning and potentially a sliding door moment for my research.”


Also, want to chip in on getting your fellow queer on that LGBTOUR experience? Yes, please!



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