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When I moved to Amsterdam, a whole shiny and queer world opened in front of my eyes. And, I jumped right into it and I'm still highly enjoying the queer nightlife of Amsterdam - an important place where the community meets, shares, and shines.


Starting point:

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Nieuwmarkt (New Market) in front of Restaurant Café 'In De Waag'.
Adress: Nieuwmarkt, 1012 CR Amsterdam.

You will recognize me by my tiny rainbow flag.


about 2 hours


Single ticket: 46€ (open group - meet queers and allies from all around the world).
Group ticket: €290 for 10 people, 650€ for up to 15 people.
Capacity: 15 people

You are most welcome - the rainbow is for everyone!🏳️‍🌈🦄

The nocturnal.

Queer Night Tour

Discover Queer Amsterdam by night.* For queers & allies.

  • -Like to dive into Amsterdam's queer nightlife?

  • Go on an evening stroll in the gay & historic heart of town? 

  • Meet queers and allies from around the world? 

Well.., hold on to your unicorns, you have just arrived at your shiny destination. 

Let yourself be guided by a local queer and nightlife expert for an introduction to Amsterdams' queer nightlife. 

A walking experience through the pink and historic heart of Amsterdam filled with stories of queer history & personal queer stories. 

On top of all: As soon as you've completed your booking, you will receive an 'LGBTOUR's  Favorites' list with the best - queer - city tips.  

We will finish in front of Amsterdam's oldest gay bar, since 1927! 

Looking forward to meeting you!

XO, your queer tour guide of Amsterdam.


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